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Artisan Cheese Winter Blowout Sampler


Artisan Cheese Winter Blowout Sampler


Winter Blowout Artisan Cheese Sampler

Distinct, flavorful cheese that is sure to please the most discriminating cheese connoisseur on your gift list or at your party. Demand for this cheese is so overwhelming, and on-farm production so limited, that many Vermont Artisan cheese varieties are available only in limited quantities at various times of the year.

  • Cabot Cloth Bound, 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - A handsome, natural-rinded, English style cheddar, skillfully aged for a minimum of 10 months in their cheese cave to produce a flavor profile that is at once sweet, savory, nutty and tangy.
  • Bayley Hazen Blue, 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - A natural-rinded, cave aged, blue cheese named for the iconic Bayley Hazen Military Road that traverses the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The usual peppery spice character associated with blue cheese takes a backseat to sweet, nutty and grassy flavors from the milk which comes from their herd of 45 pastured, Ayrshire cows.
  • Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise, 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - Aged over ten months to reach its peak flavor profile, the natural aging process produces a warm, caramel colored rind that seals in the complex flavor of this rich indulgence.
  • Consider Bardwell Farm Pawlet, 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - The bright bite of this Italian-style toma, aged for six months adds the perfect zest to crackers or as a sandwich enhancement.
  • Cob Hill Ascutney Mountain, 8 oz. (avg.) Wedge - Similar to European Alpine cheeses like Gruyere or Raclette, this cheese delivers a clean and mild Swiss flavor. Made from rich Jersey cow milk and aged up to ten months, Ascutney Mountain Cheese is creamy, yet firm with a soft, yet complex flavor.
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