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Boneless Spiral-Sliced Ham


Boneless Spiral-Sliced Ham
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Deliciously Moist and Maple-Glazed

When the occasion calls for a centerpiece that is magnificent, yet easy to serve, our spiral-sliced hams are the perfect choice. The boneless spiral offers the same great taste as our traditional bone-in spiral ham with no bone and no waste! In each lean and tender bite, you can taste the exquisite maple-glazed and cob-smoked flavor. Each 1/8" slice is joined in the middle to hold the shape of the ham. Fully cooked. Serve room temperature or gently warmed. Featured on the Food Channel as a "Food Find".

Estimate 1/4 lb per person buffet style or 1/2 lb per person for dinner, depending on appetites.

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Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham
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