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Green Mountain Artisan Collection


Green Mountain Artisan Collection


Green Mountain Artisan Collection

Our Green Mountain Artisan Collection blends the unique flavors of our favorite Vermont cheeses:

  • Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise, 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - Aged over ten months to reach its peak flavor profile, the natural aging process produces a warm, caramel colored rind that seals in the complex flavor of this rich indulgence.
  • Consider Bardwell Farm Pawlet, 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - The bright bite of this Italian-style toma, aged for six months adds the perfect zest to crackers or as a sandwich enhancement.
  • Boucher Family Farm Madison Blue, 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - From the rolling hills of this 1000 acre dairy comes the special tang of Madison Blue, which debuted to rave reviews in 2010.
  • Blythdale Farm Vermont Brie, 7 oz.(avg.) Wheel - Fresh, delicious whole milk from Jersey-cows is slowly pasteurized into this mild and creamy soft cheese.

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