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Smoked Chicken Sausage


Smoked Chicken Sausage
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The key to really great chicken sausage is flavor- you’ll find it here

Our skilled sausage makers developed our own unique recipes for fresh, lean chicken sausage to bring you a healthy entrée that is truly out of the ordinary (see our fun flavors in the drop down menu below). They are all smoked and fully cooked making them so easy to gently warm and serve. Our cob-smoked varieties are extra crispy and tasty cooked on a grill. They’re also perfect for any meal served with pasta, on a bun, as an appetizer or even for breakfast. Use your imagination and experiment with these lean morsels of chicken sausage delight. With each flavor ordered, you will receive two one pound packages.

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Cob Smoked Chicken Sausage
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