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Apples & Cheddar


Vermont Macintosh Apples & Sharp Cheddar in Elegant Apple Shipper

Along the shores of Lake Champlain in Shoreham, Vermont, crisp Macintosh Apples are filling the rows of apple trees in abundance. Here in Vermont, the cool nights and warm, clear days of late summer and fall offer delicate Macintosh Apples the ideal environment to grow.

With a red exterior, sometimes tinted with green, the flesh inside of a Macintosh (Mac) is often creamy white, sometimes with hints of pink. The skin protects a juicy, crispy inside making the Mac a great snack – even better paired with sharp cheddar cheese! Also ideal for baking, and in cider and apple sauce, the Mac is one of the most unique apples in the market.

Since ideal growing conditions call for cool nights and warm days, Macs are harvested heavily in Canada, but just as the spring climates in both Vermont and Canada are ideal for Maple Syrup production, the fall climates in both Vermont and Canada are ideal for Macintosh Apple growing! Bottom line – Vermont grows the best Macs in the United States!

For local Vermonters, September weekends are perfect for taking a trip to the apple orchard to walk the rows of apple trees looking for the biggest, juiciest Macintosh apple – nothing captures the essence of fall in Vermont quite like eating a Mac right off the tree!

At Champlain Orchards, owner Bill Suhr and his team employ Eco Growing Standards, a set of standards set and reviewed annually by a group of scientists from Cornell University and the University of Massachusetts, as well as fellow growers and agricultural experts. As a member of the Eco Apple Family, Champlain Orchards adheres to a set of pest and weed control standards which use the least-toxic and most natural methods of harvesting. Further, Eco practices rely on close monitoring of the trees, pests and environmental conditions. Should circumstances call for conventional pesticides, they are used in only a very targeted manner.

Whether you plan to eat these crisp apples right out of the box, or use as an ingredient in warm apple crisp or apple pie, sharp Vermont cheddar serves as a great partner to tart Macs. Create a cheese, apple and cracker plate and pair with a light Ale or white wine for an early evening appetizer. Or bake up a warm apple pie and top with thin slices of sharp cheddar – delicious!

Apples are available as:

  • Apples and Cheddar (10 apples and a 1 lb brick of Classic Sharp waxed Cheddar) 096-1 $34.95
  • Apples and Cheddar (10 apples and two 1 lb bricks of Classic Sharp waxed Cheddar) 096-2 $59.95
  • Apples only (12) 096-3 $24.95
  • Apples only (24) 096-4 $42.95

*Please note, California, Arizona and Washington states adhere to strict fruit import regulations, and as such, Vermont Macs will not be available for shipping to these states until December 10, 2013.

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