inside the Sugarhouse...

Our Sugarhouse has been boiling sap every season for over 58 years! Inside the Sugarhouse, you will see a 3” x 10” King Style Maple Syrup Evaporator which boils the sweet sap from local Hardwood Sugar Maple trees into our own Dakin Farm Maple Syrup. Dakin Farm also uses a Springtech Reverse Osmosis Unit, which boils sap more efficiently – both are on display.

inside the Sugarhouse...

View The Dakin Farm Story, a 10 minute video about the history of Dakin Farm and the centuries old traditions we’ve been practicing for years. Nearby, you can view a rotation of photos which capture the art of maple syrup making, from collecting the sap in barrels on horse-drawn wagons to boiling sap in sugar shacks, deep in the Maple Sugar Groves of Vermont.

Watch our dedicated employees pack Maple Syrup into jugs which we sell in our retail stores and ship nationwide – in that room we bottle over 70,000 jugs of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup every year!

See this all, plus a display of the various tools used to collect sap dating back to the late 1800's.

In the same building, you can visit our 6,000 square foot retail store, where you can always enjoy samples of our own Summer Sausage, Smoked Pepperoni, Smoked Meats, Homemade Fudge and a range of jams, jellies, chutneys, butters and dips!

We’ve also hand selected some of the best Vermont-made products and proudly sell them in our store – from Goat’s Milk to Clothing to Lotions and Kitchenware – you’re sure to find a piece of Vermont to take home with you.

Browse all grades of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, and while you do, learn more viewing a short educational video about the making of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup – from tree to table!

No, the real Larry the Cable Guy isn’t here, but he was! Even better, he featured Dakin Farm on his show “Made in America” and trust us, it is hilarious!

View it next to our meat room and Smokehouse, where you’ll see slabs of bacon and hams coming out of the Smoker – the scent is divine!

Our Master Smoker, Bob, has been spiral-slicing our maple-glazed hams for over 20 years. Some days, you’ll get to see him perform his craft – glazing the hams, then spiral-slicing them to perfection.