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Fancy Grade Pure Vermont Maple Syrup


Fancy Grade Pure Vermont Maple Syrup


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Our syrup is 100% pure Vermont product, packed in easy-pour recyclable jugs, and bears the Vermont Seal of Quality and our personal guarantee.

Our "Fancy" Syrup has a light amber color with a delicate maple bouquet. "Fancy" grade is a delightful maple syrup, with a mild maple flavor. It is excellent on ice cream or other foods where a subtle flavor would be appreciated.

All Dakin Farm maple syrup other than the “Elegant 8 oz. Glass Maple Leaf” is packed and shipped in our easy to open, easy to pour, recyclable plastic jugs. Small glass sample jars shown on this site are used to accurately display the color of the various grades only. These small sample jars are not available for sale.

Our Price: $15.95 - $69.95
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Fancy Grade Maple Syrup
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