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Grafton 4 Year Old Aged Cheddar


Grafton 4 Year Old Aged Cheddar




2006 World Cheese Award winner.

For the biggest flavor and crumbliest texture of Grafton’s Aged Cheddar collection, the 4 Year Old Aged is the right choice. While crumbly, the texture is consistent throughout and works well atop crackers and toasted rounds. Intense and flavorful, but not overpowering cheese lovers who love “sharp” will sing its praises!

Of all the Vermont Artisan Cheese we offer, this remains the favorite of our own Sam Cutting III who has been choosing Dakin Farm cheese for over 50 years. According to Sam, nothing beats classic, hand crafted, whole milk, Vermont cheddar naturally aged for a very long time under perfect conditions. We select our four year old cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese Company’s inventory to provide you with a private stock cheese that will speak to you with a pronounced, sharp flavor with a clean finish.

Grafton Village Cheese Company located in Grafton Village, Vermont works tirelessly to preserve the cheese making traditions that began there over 100 years ago, in 1892. From raw, hormone free Jersey cow milk collected from small Vermont family farms, all Grafton cheese is aged from one to four years.

As part of the nonprofit Windham Foundation, Grafton Village Cheese supports the promotion of whose Vermont’s rural communities. For more information on the Windham Foundation, visit http://windham-foundation.org/

Grafton 4 Year Aged Cheddar – 8 oz in a clear wrap and the 1 lb. Brick in an elegant black wrap

Pairing Suggestions

Wine: Aged French Bordeaux, big California Cabernet.

Beer: Porters, mead or pale ales. Suggested Long Trail pairing: Long Trail Traditional IPA.

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Grafton 4 Year Old Aged
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