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Grafton Waxed Wheel Sampler


Grafton Waxed Wheel Sampler




Savor Vermont's Signature Flavors!

Since 1892, Grafton Village Cheese has developed pure, raw cow’s milk cheese enjoyed by thousands, if not millions. Their waxed, flavored 8 ounce wheels compliment cheese plates, liven recipes and awaken the palette with three delectable flavors!

Maple Smoked Waxed Wheel - Cold-smoked over smoldering maple wood chips for up to four hours, our 100-day cheddar is transformed into a smooth, smoky delicacy that's both subtle and flavorful. Savor two of Vermont's signature flavors in one award-winning bite.

Garlic Cheddar Waxed Wheel - Vibrant, natural garlic infuses our smooth cheddar for a creamy, mildly pungent treat. We can't imagine a better macaroni and cheese than one made with this cheddar, which pairs nicely with wheat ales and Italian reds.

Sage Cheddar Waxed Wheel - Our cheddar is evenly seasoned with hand-rubbed Dalmation sage and natural sage oil, resulting in a fresh, herbal note that pairs naturally with aged cheddar. Slice it thin for a roast turkey sandwich.

Sampler Contains one of each Grafton Flavored Cheddar Wheels – 8 oz Waxed Wheels

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