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Taylor Farm Maple Smoked Gouda


Taylor Farm Maple Smoked Gouda


Sweet unpasteurized milk from their own herd and a gentle maple wood smoke create a smoked Gouda as good or better than any you will ever taste

Located in the Southern Vermont town of Londonderry, Taylor farm is a 180 year old dairy farm which for the past twelve years has been making hand-crafted, award winning, European-style, raw milk Gouda cheese. Their herd consists of 40 Holstein and Jersey milk cows, each individually named and cared for in a traditional tie-stall barn. The cows graze on 180 year old permanent pastures, free from pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizer and growth hormones. The fresh, sweet, unpasteurized milk from this herd is made into varieties of Gouda Cheese that have significantly more flavor than ordinary mass produced, gouda made from pasteurized and homogenized milk. Taylor Farm smoked Gouda in particular is an American Cheese Society Blue Ribbon winner, the favorite of the cheese maker, and our favorite too. We think this cheese will be a favorite of yours as well.

Taylor Farm Maple Smoked Gouda – 8 oz. average, hand waxed wedge

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8 Oz Taylor Farm Maple Smoked Gouda
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