1 lb Waxed Cheddar Bricks
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1 lb Waxed Cheddar Bricks

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1lb. Cheddar
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The Best of The Best

Dakin Farm specialty cheeses are hand selected by Dakin Farm President, Sam Cutting IV, from Cabot Creamery Cooperative's best vats of cheddar. With over 40 years of experience and a heritage passed down from his father, Sam identifies even the most subtle flavor profile variations of cheese from vat to vat and chooses only the best of the best to bear the Dakin Farm seal.

Dakin Farm Private Reserve Cheddars are aged for more than 18 months and hand-waxed to seal in that perfect flavor. Consistently delicious. Handy size bricks are a convenient snack for those spontaneous visits from friends and to top a burger, grill a sandwich, crumble on a salad, or make the perfect casserole.

Dakin Farm's Smoked Cheddar is bathed in a cool smoke from smoldering corn cobs for six hours our smoked cheddar takes on a golden bronze color and its own uniquely delicious, bold flavor. Cob-smoke is sweeter than other hardwood smoke, which balances the rich, sharp cheddar perfectly.

1 lb Waxed Cheddar Brick

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