Baby Swiss Cheese
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Baby Swiss Cheese

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2lbs Wheel Baby Swiss
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Luxurious & Creamy, & With a Nutty Flavor, this crowd pleaser is the perfect size for entertaining or family snacking

Derived from traditional Swiss cheese recipes, Baby Swiss has a myriad of small 'eyes', a mild taste and smooth, creamy texture which distinguish it from other types of cheese. When shredded, Baby Swiss melts well. It is buttery, somewhat nutty and its sweet flavor goes well with sweet fruits, berries, croissants and muffins, Dakin Farm's sweet and mild maple-cured, cob-smoked meats, white and red wine, craft beer, juices and even ice-cold milk.

We secure our Baby Swiss Cheese from the original Swiss settlement that invented it, located in Amish farm country outside of Charm, Ohio. We’ve never found any other of this quality and flavor. It’s not from Vermont, but, it is hard to find and so good and so popular, we had to include it with our other cheeses which are. With a nod to old world, Swiss Emmental, Baby Swiss cheese is proudly made in North America and shipped fresh from Dakin Farm in Vermont directly to your door step, nationwide

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