Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese - Aged at The Cellars at Jasper Hill
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Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese - Aged at The Cellars at Jasper Hill

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8 Oz Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese
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An award winning Vermont cheese - Aged at The Cellars at Jasper Hill

Bayley Hazen Blue, 8 oz Wedge - A natural-rinded, cave aged, blue cheese named for the iconic Bayley Hazen Military Road that traverses the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Made from milk from Ayrshire cows, Bayley Hazen Blue is at once sweet, nutty and grassy subduing the usual peppery spice character associated with blue cheese. With a creamy, crumbly texture, Bayley Hazen Blue is slightly firmer than most Blue Cheese varieties.

Set among the hills in Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom, Jasper Hill Farm rotates their Ayrshire cows through their pastures to ensure they consume fresh grass after each milking throughout Spring, Summer and Fall.

With 22,000 square feet of underground vaults, each Jasper Hill cave is set at a specific temperature and humidity levels, unique to each cheese style. Jasper Hill prides itself in quality milk production and cheese making techniques. Dakin Farm is proud to share their delicious cheese with you.

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