Blake Hill Botanical Wild Bergamot Raspberry

Blake Hill Botanical Wild Bergamot Raspberry

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Blake Hill Wild Bergamot Raspberry Jam
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Slow infusion captures the freshness of farm foraged, wild bergamot

Blake Hill is renowned for bold flavors, clean ingredients, and a unique combination of the most exquisite tastes while reducing added sugars. Their award-winning jams are made by hand in their special preserves kitchen in Windsor, Vermont.

Blake Hill’s Good Food Award winning Wild Bergamot-infused Raspberry Jam is a creation from the Wild Bergamot flowers flourishing in the gardens at Blake Hill. Bergamot flowers, also know as bee balm, is a stunning flower that was originally used by Native Americans as a lightly floral, peppery tea. Infusing the delicately spiced wild Bergamot flowers with fruity, bright, and tart raspberries leaves an innovative and truly unique preserve that pairs perfectly with brie or dessert.

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