Blake Hill Raspberry Hibiscus Preserve

Blake Hill Raspberry Hibiscus Preserve

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Blake Hill Raspberry Hibiscus Preserve
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Fruity and fragrant jam reminiscent of a warm Vermont summer day.

Blake Hill is renowned for bold flavors, clean ingredients, and a unique combination of the most exquisite tastes while reducing added sugars. Their award-winning jams are made by hand in their special preserves kitchen in Windsor, Vermont.

This artisan preserve is inspired by these fragrant, delicate flowers that bloom in middle-to late august here in Vermont. Blake Hill’s Raspberry Hibiscus preserve is a bright, vibrant concentrated jam that combines the finest, perfectly ripe raspberries simmered with organic hibiscus flower petals. We love a spoonful of this jam on creamy goat cheese. For a real taste of summer, pair this preserve with mahi mahi or on top of classic Belgium waffles.

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