Blake Hill Spiced Plum With Port & Anise

Blake Hill Spiced Plum With Port & Anise

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Blake Hill Spiced Plum W Port & Anise
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Blake Hill Fine Jams for Cheese!

Blake Hill is renowned for bold flavors, clean ingredients, and a unique combination of the most exquisite tastes while reducing added sugars. Their award-winning jams are made by hand in their special preserves kitchen in Windsor, Vermont. Blake Hills Fine Jams for Cheese collection was created with the award-winning cheese makers at Jasper Hill Farm to perfectly compliment four different styles of cheese so that you are able to take your cheese tastings to a whole new, unforgettable level!

  • Spiced Plum with Port and Anise, 10 oz. – This rich confit is made from slowly simmered plums, local heirloom apples, raisins, a rich ruby port, and just the right touch of star anise. Award-winning Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue's fudge-like texture and toasted nut sweetness was the inspiration behind this incredibly luscious, elegantly spiced preserve.
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