Blythedale Farm Vermont Brie

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This is NOT your typical mass produced Brie

If you are looking for the type of French or Domestic Brie that is commonly available in your local super market, you won't find it here. Blythedale Farm Vermot Brie is a soft, mild and creamy farmstead cheese and the only one of its type made right here in New England.

From a single, lovingly cared for herd of 40 or so Jersey Cows located in Corinth Vermont comes the fresh, whole, slow pasteurized milk that is used to hand craft 7 oz. wheels of Vermont Brie. This soft cheese is hand ladled from tender curds at Blythedale Farm by owners Tom and Becky Loftus, before it is individually hand salted and allowed to age to flavorful perfection.

Vermont Brie is distinctive in texture and flavor - an intoxicating blend of delicate earthiness and a luxurious, satiny texture. Vermont Brie from Blythedale Farm makes a perfect, interesting variety for sampling with friends along with other hand crafted Vermont cheese and your favorite beverage.