Cabot Cracker Cut Sampler

Cabot Cracker Cut Sampler

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Cabot Cracker Cut Sampler
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Cabot Cracker Cut Sampler

Now that you can find three of our world-class cheeses in ready-to-serve Cracker Cut Slices, preparing party platters and picnic lunches is super-easy, and deeply delicious.

SERIOUSLY SHARP, 7 OZ. Package - Bring all the aged, textured sophistication of our Lactose-Free Seriously Sharp Cheddar to your next gathering without any of the hassle! 7-ounces of pre-sliced, mouth-watering, cracker-sized slices for the perfect addition to any sampling of crackers, deli meats, or earthy spreads. Conveniently packaged in a ready-to-use tray, these slices are easy to serve and delicious to savor.

VERMONT SHARP, 7 oz. Package - This cheddar is an all-round winner. Great for cooking, snacking, and serving in a snap when you choose Cabot's super-convenient cracker cuts. Our classic Vermont Sharp White Cheddar strikes the perfect cheesy balance, with a smooth, buttery sweetness finished with a sharp yet subtle tang. Layer them on sliced apples and pears, crackers, deli meats and more. No matter how you like it, we've got it sliced and ready to go!

PEPPER JACK, 7 oz. Package - The added kick of our Lactose-Free Pepper Jack is a perfect match for crisp, buttery crackers --which is why we're pleased to offer our Pepper Jack Cracker Cuts. Packaged ready-to-serve in a convenient tray and pre-sliced to perfect cracker-sized bites, our Pepper Jack Cracker Cuts are ready to layer with deli meat or a dollop of mustard atop your favorite wheat or white cracker. Great for parties or packing for lunch.

Cabot Cracker Cut Sampler - One 7 oz. package of each: Vermont Sharp, Seriously Sharp and Pepper Jack

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