Cabot Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar

Cabot Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar

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Cabot Extra Sharp 8 Oz Yellow
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Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar

This is sharp cheddar without the training wheels. Creamy yellow in color with an almost crumbly texture, it has a sophisticated citrusy tang. We like to say that it is an introduction to the "East Coast Cheddar Bite". A stellar snacking cheese paired with roasted nuts and ice-cold ale. Make no mistake, this cheddar is also excellent for cooking: A little goes a long "whey" when you melt it into cheese sauce. And a few slices of extra sharp will turn a simple burger into a work of art.

Why and How you ask?? - Our friends at Cabot explain:

All cheddar made from cows' milk is naturally white, the color of milk. However, as Cabot's distribution expanded, it became more important to provide orange or yellow cheddar. Some say this preference dates back many centuries to when cheesemakers tried to match the exact color of cheddar from Cheddar, England. Regardless of preference, we use a coloring called annatto. Annatto is from a South American plant and does not affect the flavor or the texture of the cheese.

8 oz Package

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