Cabot Founders' Collection
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Cabot Founders' Collection

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When the best of what's old becomes new again.

Our Founders' 1919 Collection. Our traditions excite new appreciation for fine cheese and offer you hand-tended cheesemaking at its slowest and most artful. Brought to you by the farm families who own Cabot, we give you the Founders' 1919 Collection: Orne Meadows, Private Stock, Adirondack and Lamberton.

ORNE MEADOWS CHEDDAR, 6 oz. - 4 x 4 bar - A smooth Alpine style with a subtle, sweet nutty finish. Perfect for slicing and pairing, and it's robust, sharp cheddar flair is delicious with muted crackers and warm breads. With a subtly sweet fruity and nutty finish, Orne Meadows is also a tasty choice for your next wine and cheese gathering.

ADIRONDACK CHEDDAR, 6 oz. - 4 x 4 bar - This cheddar packs that distinctively tangy "Upstate" bite that sets it apart from other New England cheddars. It carries hints of grapefruit and bergamot within a crumbly texture that still feels creamy and smooth. The creaminess of this cheese gets even more pronounced as it warms to tasting temperature, making it an ideal selection for a cheese board or fruit tray.

LAMBERTON CHEDDAR, 6 oz. - 4 x 4bar - English-Style with caramelized notes and buttery bite. A traditional British-style cheddar, boasting a smooth, buttery undertone to its caramelized, sharp tang. Try alongside crisp, wet fruits like pears or red grapes.

PRIVATE STOCK CHEDDAR, 6 oz. - 4 x 4 bar - A savory extra sharp masterpiece aged to perfection. It is sure to deliver the signature "Northeast Bite" you expect from Cabot alongside a subtle, buttery smooth texture.

Founders' Collection Sampler - One 6 oz bar of each: Orne Meadows Cheddar, Adirondack Cheddar, Lamberton Cheddar and Private Stock Cheddar

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