Cabot Private Stock
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Cabot Private Stock

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Cabot Private Stock
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Private Stock Cheddar

Aged up to 16 months. It's not only age that separates our cheddars, but character as well. For Cabot Private Stock, we hand-select the cheeses with the smoothest texture and cleanest cheddar flavor, then gently age them. The result is what some of our long-time customers call the ''best of the best''. Full-flavored yet elegantly refined, this is one of the most velvety, natural cheddars you'll ever experience. Simply the smoothest extra sharp around.

You can choose from four different size options below:

  • 8 oz. Waxed Bar
  • 1 lb. Waxed Brick
  • 3 lb. Waxed Block
  • 10 lb. Block - when available - this product is NOT waxed
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