Cob-Smoked Slab Bacon
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Cob-Smoked Slab Bacon

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4lbs Slab Bacon
This is UNCUT. A 4 lb slab of bacon
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Slice it and Dice it Anyway You Please!

Want to slice your own bacon? Look no further! Lean, crisp, and rich our slab bacon is maple-cured and smoked to perfection using the traditional Vermont cob-smoking process. Our cob-smoked bacon is hand-crafted from locally sourced pork bellies for a truly unforgettable flavor.

What sets our bacon apart is the unique smoking process. Cob-smoking is a historic Vermont technique that involves smoking the bacon over smoldering corn cobs which results in a sweet and smoky flavor. Our bacon is marinated in pure maple syrup and smoked low and slow infusing the slab with a rich and complex taste.

This product arrives as a 4 lb. Slab of Pork. This Product is not Pre-Sliced.

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