Grafton 2 Year Old Aged Cheddar
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Grafton 2 Year Old Aged Cheddar

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Grafton 2 Year Old
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The quintessential New England Cheddar featuring robust flavors and aroma with savory and nutty notes.

Grafton’s flagship cheddar is made with raw cow’s milk and aged for two full years to achieve a mature flavor and dense, firm-yet-creamy texture. Not every batch of cheddar has what it takes to age to perfection. The young cheddar is tasted early on to determine which batch has the best trajectory for aging. It must have balanced acidity and moisture that will hold up over time.

2 Year Cheddar features the classic profile for a New England Cheddar: buttery notes with a bold, sharp tang and a long, nutty finish. The aroma is lactic and bright with flavors of sweet cream, freshly mown hay, and tangy, cultured milk. Moderate acidity carries throughout and gives the cheese the classic, beloved sharp cheddar ‘bite’.

This sharp and sweet cheddar has enough zip to stand up to stronger pairings and melts with an even body and full flavor. We love it grated over a bowl of Maple Sausage Chili.

Grafton 2 Year Aged Cheddar 8 oz Waxed Bar

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