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Boneless Dinner Ham


Boneless Dinner Ham
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Lean and Mean, the Taste of Perfection

Cut in one solid piece from the best part of the ham, this "filet mignon of hams" offers unsurpassed cob-smoked flavor that's 98% lean - leaner than most poultry — and ready to serve convenience. Splendid for dinner, salads, and hors d'oeuvres. Fully cooked. Estimate 1/4 lb per person buffet style or 1/2 lb per person for dinner, depending on appetites.

Special Offer

Purchase one of the following hams: Boneless Ham (495-15, 495-3, 495-4, 495-8), Bone-In Ham (498-6, 498-11), Boneless Spiral-Sliced Ham (496-15, 496-3, 497-4, 497-8) and Bone-In Spiral-Sliced Ham (499-3, 499-7, 499-13) and you can then purchase a package of our famous BBQ ribs (sku - 160-2) for only $18.95. That is a $8.00 savings on the ribs. You need to purchase one of the above hams to qualify for the special rib pricing. Add both products to your basket and the discount will appear in the cart. There is no limit on the ribs. So stock up...summer will be here soon!

Ham and Rib offer expires on Thursday, April 17

Our Price: $14.95 - $88.95
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Boneless Dinner Ham
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