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Grafton Cheese Four Bar Sampler


Grafton Cheese Four Bar Sampler


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With Each Year of Aging a New Flavor Profile - Try them all!

Since 1892 Grafton Village Cheese Company has hand-crafted one of our states natural treasures into world-class cheese. It is the fresh, raw cow's milk collected from local family farms that makes Grafton Village Cheese so special.

4 Year Aged Cheddar - This outstanding cheddar has a pronounced, mature flavor, smooth finish, and a drier, crumbly texture that makes aged cheese lovers sing.

3 Year Aged Cheddar - Boldly complex with immediate impact, this full-flavored cheese is imbued with that distinctive cheddar “bite” that’s balanced by a sweet, creamy finish.

2 Year Aged Cheddar - This signature cheddar has earned national acclaim for its mellow tartness, creamy mouthfeel and unforgettable individuality.

1 Year Aged Cheddar - Creamy and rich, our youngest selection presents the comforting flavor and broad appeal of an old-fashioned farmhouse cheddar.

Grafton Aged Cheddar Bars – 8 oz Cryovac Bars - In this Sampler you get one of each!

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