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Spring Brook Tarentaise


Spring Brook Tarentaise


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Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise

From Spring Brook Farm in Reading, Vermont we bring you this natural-rinded, slightly firm Tarentaise.

Beginning in 2008, Spring Brook Farm took on the proud Vermont tradition of cheese making. With over 1,000 acres of land and home to 100 Jersey Cows, Spring Brook Farm adopted centuries old cheese making traditions from Europe to develop their delicious and unique Tarentaise.

Aged over ten months to reach its peak flavor profile, the natural aging process produces a warm, caramel colored rind that seals in the complex flavor of this rich indulgence. Each 20 pound wheel benefits from live cultures on the rind, and over the course of the aging process each wheel is turned and washed at least 60 times. With no preservatives, synthetic flavors or waxes, Tarentaise is true to the natural flavors produced from raw cow milk.

Dakin Farm is proud to partner with Spring Brook Farm and supports their Farms for City Kids Program. To learn more, visit http://farmsforcitykids.org/our-program/

8 oz. Wedge, Average

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