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Vermont Artisan Cheese Board


Vermont Artisan Cheese Board


Our personal favorites from Jasper Hill

We hand selected each one of these unique artisan cheeses to give you an unforgettable flavor and texture experience! – add Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps, made right here in Vermont, for an elegant cheese plate. Our sampler includes:

  • Spring Brook Farm Tarantaise , 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - Aged over ten months to reach its peak flavor profile, the natural aging process produces a warm, caramel colored rind that seals in the complex flavor of this rich indulgence. Each 20 pound wheel benefits from live cultures on the rind, and over the course of the aging process each wheel is turned and washed at least 60 times. With no preservatives, synthetic flavors or waxes, Tarentaise is true to the natural flavors produced from raw cow milk.
  • Blythdale Farm Vermont Brie , 8 oz.(avg.) Wedge - If you are looking for the type of French or Domestic Brie that is commonly available in your local super market, this is not it. From a single, lovingly cared for herd of 40 or so Jersey Cows located in Corinth Vermont comes the fresh, whole, slow pasteurized milk that is used to hand craft 7 oz. wheels of Vermont Brie. This soft cheese which is hand ladled at Blythedale Farm by owners, Tom and Becky Loftus is distinctive in texture and flavor. Vermont Brie is soft, mild and creamy, yet so different than mass produced brie. Vermont Brie from Blythedale Farm makes a perfect, interesting variety for sampling with friends along with other hand crafted Vermont cheese and your favorite beverage.
  • Grafton 4 Year Old XX Sharp Cheddar, 8 oz. (avg) Wedge - Nothing beats classic, hand crafted, whole milk, Vermont cheddar naturally aged for a very long time under perfect conditions. We select our four year old cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese Company’s inventory to provide you with a private stock cheese that will speak to you with a pronounced, sharp flavor with a clean finish.
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