Guide: Storage, Heating & More

Vermont Cheese Serving Suggestions and Storage

Dakin Farm Cheese
We go to great lengths to select and prepare Vermont’s finest cheese to bear the Dakin Farm brand label. Our cheese is selected from the best stock at Vermont creameries. After it is aged to perfect maturity (usually around 2 years), we cut and hand-wax it to lock in its unique flavor and characteristic texture.

Refrigerate immediately upon arrival.Vermont Cheddar will keep in its original wax coat for 6 months. Once opened it will keep for at least 21 days if properly wrapped. If you plan to eat a portion of your cheese and save the rest, cut right through the wax coat and leave the cheese you will not consume in the wax coat. Wrap the exposed face tightly with plastic wrap. Cheddar packaged in cryovac will keep for 6 months in its original packaging and for two weeks once opened and rewrapped. For best results do not freeze cheddar cheese.

For peak flavor remove the cheese from your refrigerator 1 to 3 hours in advance of serving. At room temperature its natural flavors come forth.